Quincy Finds A New Home

In Quincy Finds A New Home, readers meet a little red horse named Quincy whose coat is “the color of a new penny.”  One day a new owner comes to the farm where he lives and takes Quincy to a new home. (Read more)


Quincy soon makes a friend, old horse named Beau, but he still has a BIG problem.  His new home is a horse-show barn and Quincy does not know how to jump jumps and win ribbons.  Quincy experiences many difficult feelings;

but in the end he discovers what it means to be loved for who you are.

Quincy Finds A New Home

ISBN:  978-0-9819240-0-7

$15.95  |  40 pages  |  Hardcover


Distributed by Small Press United / Independent Publishers Group

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