"The first in a new children's series of Quincy the Horse Books, Quincy Finds A New Home is a picture book from the perspective of a little red pony. When Quincy is sold to a new owner, he sees that his owner's other horses such as Beau have long legs, and are good at jumping over tall fences and earning prize ribbons. But can little Quincy make great jumps like that? "Then Beau told Quincy that Quincy's owner was Beau's owner too. Beau said, You do not need to jump jumps or win ribbons. She just wants a good horse to ride and love and be her friend." A gentle and heartwarming book, sporting realistic color illustrations, perfect for young horse lovers."

 - Children's Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review


"Quincy Moves to the Desert is the second book in the Quincy the Horse series, which traces the journey of Quincy the horse and his friend Beau from New York state to Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, stopping at special motels for horses along the way. Quincy and Beau are American Quarterhorses, and a good Quarterhorse can do anything! After Quincy and Beau make the long journey by truck, they meet their owner, Cam on the desert sands of New Mexico. The conversations between Quincy and Beau and the illustrations of the horses' scenic travels make this a stellar book for kids who love animals and want to learn more about them."

- Childrens' Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review


"Horses have so much to teach us."

Children's Book Watch, Midwest Book Review

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